Welcome to the WPEDO

Established in 1981, the World Peace and Economic Development Organization (WEPDO) was founded by a Bangladeshi Philanthropist, Late. Sher-E-Khwaja. He wished to send a core message to people, both nationally and internationally about the importance of upholding Human Rights, promoting Peace & Love among the different communities in the world”

With the aim for world peace and economic development, the WORLD PEACE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (WPEDO) has been established since 1981, and has the ¬SPECIAL CONSULTATIVE STATUS WITH THE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL OF THE UNITED NAITON. As its Founder Chairman/ President, I offer my heartfelt gratitude to the UNITED NATIONS, UNICEF, UNESCO, COMMONWEALTH, HUMAN RIGHTS, CIDA, WHO and other International Donor agencies, the World Leaders and Associated Countries on behalf of the thriving people of the world.

Late. Sher-E-Khwaja Founder Chairman



It is because the International Organizations and Countries of the World are conducting beneficial services for the welfare of the deprived class in society all around the world. They are the inspiration and driving force of WPEDO and with their overall contribution, we are always working for the welfare of the poor, catastrophe- affected countries and deprived human societies.

For the last two decades this Voluntary Organization has been working to preserve the rights of the poor and catastrophe - affected section of the people to protect their interest and human rights by submission of Memorandum and many other related activities to the United Nations and Donor Countries and Agencies.

To end the Gulf War, international terrorism and civil war, control of nuclear weapons, nature and environment protection, empowerment of women, protection of woman and children from repression we work relentlessly. We have worked for forming public opinion and public awareness. And made the Donor Countries and Agencies aware of the present and actual situation prevailing and at the same time they have taken appropriate and proper steps to prevent them


Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC)